My 89-year-old Uncle Les Jasper is a genius, an electrical engineer kind of genius who, at least in our family’s mythology, worked on things like the Lunar Module that landed on the moon back in 1969 kind of genius.  I remember as a small boy sitting at his feet while we watched man first step on the lunar surface and thinking, Uncle Les is the man!

After he’d conquered space, Uncle Les turned his attention to Earth.  On terra firma one of his many passions was building custom speakers. But Uncle Les had a problem, he couldn’t find a tool, template or jig that would allow him to cut a perfect circle in precise increments. So he put his NASA mind to work and invented some for his personal use. His custom jigs were so amazingly precise that soon his friends began asking him to make some for them. When word caught on in the Audiophile community, Les was hounded day and night with people across the country and around the world offering to buy one if he’d make it for them.  

And Jasper Precision Tools was born.  

Jasper Precision Tools has been a family business run by my Uncle Les and Aunt Nelda since the 1990’s. 

My name is Steve Mitchell and after years of being a woodworker I finally broke down and tried one of his Circle Guides and was so blown away by how amazingly easy it was to use and how incredibly accurate the circles it made was that I told him that the day he was ready to retire I’d buy his business.  That day came in 2018.

In July of 1969 I was a little boy who sat with my Uncle Les as we watched man land on the moon for the first time.  This was part of my Uncle’s legacy and I was so proud to have shared it with him that day

I am so proud this day as I take the reins of Jasper Precision Tools hoping to keep this part of his legacy alive for years to come and to keep this a family business until I pass it down to the next generation as well. 

Steve Mitchell


Jasper Precision Tools