Frequently Asked Questions

My router is not listed on the router compatibility table. Will the circle guide or adapter plate fit on my router?

Click on the router compatibility tab.

For circle guides, scroll down past the circle guide compatibility table to the router mounting layouts.

Remove the base plate from your router (if it is removable) and measure the distance between the mounting holes on the base of your router. Compare these measurements with the dimensions on the layouts. If you can find a layout that is the same it will fit. Ignore the manufacturers listed on the layouts as many manufactures use the same layout.

For base plates click on the router compatibility tab and scroll down past the compatibility table and layouts for circle guides and the compatibility table for base plates to the router mounting layouts for the base plate. Follow the same instructions as above for the circle guides.

Routers we don’t fit – Festool, Triton, Black & Decker RP250, Bosch 3.5 HP

What router bits do we recommend?

For our various 200 and 400 models of circle guides, we recommend ¼ inch solid carbide bits with 1 inch cutter length.  

Straight bits are best for woods with thin veneers, otherwise up spiral bits work best.

For our 300 model circle guides use a ½ inch solid carbide bit.

How do you use the butterfly template?

An inlay kit is required that has a Porter Cable style guide bushing with a removable collar, a centering pin, and a down spiral 1/8 inch diameter router bit. You use the same template opening for both the inlay and the pocket. Cut the pocket without the collar on the bushing. Cut the inlay with the collar installed on the guide bushing.

Are Jasper Tools Adapter plates required for circle guides?

No. Circle guides have mounting patterns for all listed routers as defined above. Adapter plates replace base plates on non Porter Cable routers to adapt them to Porter Cable guide bushings.